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Committed to collaboration, and a more reflective, creative, and supportive field.


Dr. MacLeod and her team regularly present their work to interdisciplinary academic audiences. You can find examples of media coverage and research contributions like events, presentations, reports, fact sheets, and more, here:

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Project Reports

Project Reports

Educating future physicians in the time of COVID: A Scoping review of online medical education

Educating physicians in the time of COVID is co-funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and the Government of Canada’s Future Skills program.

L'éducation des futurs médecins en contexte pandémique est cofinancé par le Conseil de recherches en sciences humaines et le programme Compétences futures du Gouvernement du Canada.

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Final Report 

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Executive Summary

Scoping review

Podcasts & Videos

Podcasts & Videos


Feast your ears: Anna has been featured in scholarly podcasts showcasing her research. You can listen in below.

Research Teammate J Tummons seminar on virtual medical education research


Worth a thousand words: Check out Anna's recorded lectures and videos about her work below.

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Coming from a big family (with 41 first cousins!) in rural Nova Scotia, Anna grew up feeling like she was a part of something important. After a big move to New Brunswick, and then on to study in Australia, Anna tells us about how her graduate education changed her perspective and interests, and how now she’s helping tell stories within medical education.

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Hosts Toni Gallo and associate editor Dr. Bridget O’Brien (@bobrien_15) and guests Drs. Lara Varpio (@LaraVarpio) and Anna MacLeod (@ammacleod) discuss the recently published Philosophy of Science series. This collection of articles has something for everyone. It includes primers on 7 different paradigms (or collections of ideas about how we see the world) to help readers think about their HPE work in new ways.

Speaking Engagments

Speaking Engagements

Anna is an experienced speaker, locally, nationally and Internationally.

Some recent National and International Presentations

• MacLeod, A. (2021). SSHRC and health professions research: Reflections from a researcher, Faculty of

Pharmaceutical Sciences, UBC, Vancouver BC, January 20, 2021 (Online)

• MacLeod, A. (2019). Research Rounds: Sociomaterial Approaches to Medical Education Research,

Centre for Health Education Scholarship, Vancouver BC, November 18-20, 2019.

• MacLeod, A. (2019). Plenary: Innovation with Theory: The Perspective of a Social Scientist (one of five

invited speakers in the Innovation Beyond Borders CCME Plenary Panel), Canadian Conference on

Medical Education, Niagara Falls ON, April 16, 2019.

• MacLeod, A. (2018). Ethnographic studies of medical education. Royal Society of Canada’s

Celebration of Excellence, Halifax NS, November 17, 2018.

• MacLeod, A. (2018). Keynote: Practice for practice: Insights from ethnographic studies of medical

education, Preparing for Patients: Teaching the Skills and Values of Healing Encounters,

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ethnomedizin Conference, Siegen, Germany, June 30, 2018.

• MacLeod, A. (2018). Neither here nor there: Thinking critically about distributed medical education,

2018 Sibley Lecture, McMaster University MERIT, Hamilton ON, May 15, 2018

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