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Applying a critical social science lens to think creatively about medical education.

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Our contributions to the field of medical education scholarship, ensuring that physicians of the future are critical thinkers who provide high quality, patient-centred care.  ~ Dr. Anna MacLeod

Learning & Technology

Critically examining the role of learning technologies in medical education.

We consider how technologies change what people do in educational encounters. 

Rethinking Pedagogies

Applying new theories to widely accepted teaching practices, or pedagogies. We challenge underlying assumptions and open up new possibilities for teaching and learning.

Invisible Work

Bringing visibility to skill sets and expertise you might not associate with medicine. We investigate all players involved in medical education work, from IT to human body donation. 

Methods & Theories


Meet Anna & the Team


Mentorship & Impact

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Learn more about how our work is helping medical educators to think, see, and do differently.

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