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Educating future physicians in the COVID era: A scoping review of online medical education

Dr. Anna MacLeod was recently awarded a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Knowledge Synthesis Grant on virtual medical education.

Dr. MacLeod and teammates will be conducting a scoping literature review to gather evidence and provide important insights into the unique challenges and opportunities facing Dalhousie Medical School’s virtual curriculum.

"Dr. MacLeod has partnered with Co-Investigators from across the Dalhousie campus—Ryan Clow (MedIT), Robin Parker from (Kellogg Library), Brad Wuetherick (Centre for Learning and Teaching) and Paula Cameron (CPD, Faculty of Medicine) for their expertise. By utilizing this team of experts, Dr. MacLeod hopes to offer concrete and actionable insights about the online education of future physicians.


Due to the pandemic and limited social gathering, the shift from the classroom to online learning was unavoidable and it is unlikely we will see students back on campus in large group settings anytime soon, but Dr. MacLeod contends that there is still, and will always be, the need for a personal connection.

“There’s something unique about medical education,” says Dr. MacLeod. “The fact that we’re educating physicians to provide face-to face care, through online technologies, is one of the pandemic’s most urgent and fascinating challenges.”

You can read more about the study here.


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