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Job Opportunity: PhD Part-time qualitative research assistant

We are hiring!

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We are seeking a highly motivated and skilled PhD-level qualitative research assistant to join our SSHRC-funded research study, "The experiences of under-represented in medicine (UiM) medical students: A meta-ethnography."

This is a part-time, casual position with an opportunity to participate in dissemination, from conference presentations to publishing peer-reviewed articles.


The research assistant will provide support in conducting a meta-ethnography research project (a type of qualitative research synthesis), data analysis, dissemination, and other research-related tasks. There will be an opportunity to co-author a peer-reviewed article in a respected medical education journal. The research project will focus on the lived experiences of underrepresented students in medical school. Applicants from equity-seeking groups are encouraged. Salary and Hours:

This part-time, casual position would take place over an 8-month period, for a total of 250 hours. The successful applicant will be paid $30/hour. Work schedule will be flexible, occur mostly online, and arranged depending on the needs and availability of the successful applicant.


To apply, or if you have questions, please email Dr. Paula Cameron, Senior Research Associate, at

You can read details about the position, how to apply, and the full job posting at the link below:

PhD RA Job Posting
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