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Keynote: University of Calgary Health & Medical Education Scholarship Symposium

Anna will be presenting one of two keynotes on May 11th, 2023 at the upcoming 2023 Health & Medical Education Scholarship Symposium hosted by the Office of Health and Medical Education Scholarship at the University of Calgary.

Anna's talk, "Shifting the Spotlight: Highlighting the Invisible Work of Medical Education," will highlight her scholarship on the complex behind-the-scenes work involved in making medical education happen.

From Anna's talk description in the conference program:

"Medical schools have long captured the attention of the public. On television, in the movies, and in print, depictions of medical schools abound. They are hallowed places to which only a privileged few—the brightest and best—gain admission. Medical educators are popularly imagined as serious senior professors, genius laboratory researchers, or quirky-but-gifted clinicians, all of whom are entrusted with a single, but significant job: preparing the next generation of physicians for practice. While some of the popular media imagery of medical education holds true (senior professors, bench researchers, and gifted clinicians do indeed make up each medical school), the people of medical education are many and the behind-the-scenes work involved with medical education is immeasurable.

Drawing on examples from her ethnographic studies of medical education, MacLeod will explore why the skill and talents associated with certain types of work have remained largely unrecognized and underappreciated in the medical education literature. Grounding these insights in the sociology of work, she will explore why some types of work capture our collective spotlight, MacLeod will illuminate how the contributions of these essentially invisible experts are a large part of what make medical schools places of character, care, and ultimately, competence."

You can read the Symposium schedule here and register for the Symposium here.


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