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In the News: Studying Dalhousie's tech‑enabled medical curriculum

Anna's study exploring Dalhousie Medical School’s distributed medical education program is featured in a Dalhousie News article.

From the article:

"MacLeod and her international research team are interested in exploring the implications of integrating technology into teaching models. The social and human side of technological renewal are the heart of the study.

'Sitting in on a typical undergraduate lecture at the med school, you see how technology has become an integral part of our program. Students are simultaneously learning at two sites and they’re all using laptops, tablets and smart phones. Questions and interactions are facilitated through buttons and cameras, and a team of highly trained IT professionals is behind the scenes making sure it all works,' MacLeod states. 'I think there’s an obligation to understand how this technology is affecting us.'"

You can read more about Anna and team's three-year study here.


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