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Just published!

Congratulations to Dr. Anna MacLeod and co-authors Drs. Victoria Luong, Paula Cameron, Sarah Burm, Simon Field, Olga Kits, Stephen Miller, and Wendy Stewart on their new article in the journal Perspectives on Medical Education, "Case-Informed Learning in Medical Education: A Call for Ontological Fidelity."

As MacLeod et al. write in the abstract:

Ontological fidelity can help medical educators grapple with what information should be included in a case by encouraging an exploration of the philosophical questions: What is real? Which (and whose) reality do we want to simulate through cases? What are the essential elements of a case that make it feel real? What is the clinical story we want to reproduce in case format? In this Eye-Opener, we explore what it would mean to create cases from a position of ontological fidelity and provide suggestions for how to do this in everyday medical education.


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