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New Open Access Article!

We are excited to announce that Anna's latest first-authored article has been published online...

The article, entitled "'There’s an Etiquette to Zoom That’s Not Really Present In-Person': A Qualitative Study Showing How the Mute Button Shapes Virtual Postpartum Support for

New Parents," can be found in Qualitative Health Research.

Anna and co-authors found that:

"Participants shared that etiquette for virtual interactions was different from etiquette for in-person interactions. Our analysis revealed that the mute button was critical, serving as an obligatory point of passage which structured how people participated in Zoom sessions. We identified three distinct ways people used the mute button to reinscribe discourses of Zoom etiquette: (1) minimizing disruptions, (2) taking turns, and (3) staying on task."

The Online First version of the article can be accessed here!


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