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Just Published!

Our team just published an article in Teaching and Learning in Medicine's Philosophy in Medical Education Series. This article, titled "The Lifecycle of a Clinical Cadaver: A Practice-Based Ethnography," explores our SSHRC-funded study on human body donation and cadaver-based simulation. From our abstract: "Engaging deeply with the philosophical questions of cadaver-based simulation (CBS) helped us conceptualize the lifecycle as a series of meaningful and purposeful acts of becoming. Following the cadaver from program entry to interment allowed us to contemplate how its ontological ambiguity shapes every aspect of cadaver-based simulation. We found that in discussions of fidelity in medical simulation, beyond both the physical and functional, it is possible to conceive of a third type: ontological. The humanness of the cadaver makes CBS a unique, irreplaceable, and inherently philosophical, practice."

Read more here!


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