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The Art of Education Research: Reflections on the Philosophy of Science Series

Anna was recently invited to write a guest blog post on the AM Rounds website, about her new journal series about the Philosophy of Science.

"I’m a former arts teacher who ended up working in health professions education (HPE) research. I absolutely love my job, but I never could have imagined I’d end up working in this field. And what a pleasure it is to be part of this community—it’s a wonderful world, full of generous, thoughtful people. I love that HPE research allows me to combine my interest in thinking critically about education with my drive to do creative work. Planning a research project—taking an idea from concept to publication (or some other product)—is an immensely satisfying way to paint a unique and detailed picture of an educational issue.

The more time I spend working in HPE, the more I hear different versions of the same story. For many of us, academic medicine wasn’t the destination we had in mind. But here we are. Tasked, in one way or another, with contributing to the education of health professionals. This is no small responsibility. It merits our focused attention, our critical perspectives, and our rigorous attention to detail, particularly when it comes to research..."

To read Anna's full piece, click here.


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